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Lakatoso apdovanojimas 2010

2010 m. 10 000 svarų Lakatoso apdovanojimą už indėlį į mokslo filosofiją (Lakatos Award in Philosophy of Science) gavo Peter Godfrey-Smith (Harvard University) už knygą "Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection" (Oxford University Press, 2009). Kaip ir praeitais metais apdovanota knyga yra iš biologijos filosofijos srities.

Knygos santrauka (iš leidyklos tinklalapio):
"In 1859 Darwin described a deceptively simple mechanism that he called "natural selection," a combination of variation, inheritance, and reproductive success. He argued that this mechanism was the key to explaining the most puzzling features of the natural world, and science and philosophy were changed forever as a result. The exact nature of the Darwinian process has been controversial ever since, however. Godfrey-Smith draws on new developments in biology, philosophy of science, and other fields to give a new analysis and extension of Darwin's idea. The central concept used is that of a "Darwinian population," a collection of things with the capacity to undergo change by natural selection. From this starting point, new analyses of the role of genes in evolution, the application of Darwinian ideas to cultural change, and "evolutionary transitions" that produce complex organisms and societies are developed. Darwinian Populations and Natural Selection will be essential reading for anyone interested in evolutionary theory."

Notre Dame filosofijos recenzijų tinklalapyje randame šios knygos recenziją.

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Lakatoso apdovanojimas 2009

2009 m. Lakatoso apdovanojimą už svarų indėlį į mokslo filosofiją (Lakatos Award in Philosophy of Science) gavo Samir Okasha (Bristol University) už knygą iš biologijos filosofijos "Evolution and the Levels of Selection" (Oxford University Press, 2006). Kaip tradiciškai būna, Samir Okasha skaitys apdovanojimo paskaitą (šių metų gegužės 11 d. Wolfson Theatre, London School of Economics).

Knygos santrauka (iš leidyklos tinklalapio):
"Does natural selection act primarily on individual organisms, on groups, on genes, or on whole species? Samir Okasha provides a comprehensive analysis of the debate in evolutionary biology over the levels of selection, focusing on conceptual, philosophical and foundational questions. A systematic framework is developed for thinking about natural selection acting at multiple levels of the biological hierarchy; the framework is then used to help resolve outstanding issues. Considerable attention is paid to the concept of causality as it relates to the levels of selection, in particular the idea that natural selection at one hierarchical level can have effects that 'filter' up or down to other levels. Unlike previous work in this area by philosophers of science, full account is taken of the recent biological literature on 'major evolutionary transitions' and the recent resurgence of interest in multi-level selection theory among biologists. Other biological topics discussed include Price's equation, kin and group selection, the gene's eye view, evolutionary game theory, outlaws and selfish genetic elements, species and clade selection, and the evolution of individuality. Philosophical topics discussed include reductionism and holism, causation and correlation, the nature of hierarchical organization, and realism and pluralism."

Notre Dame filosofijos recenzijų tinklalapyje yra šios knygos recenzija.

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Lakatoso apdovanojimas 2008

Londono ekonomikos mokykla pranešė, kad 2008 m. Lakatoso apdovanojimas suteikiamas Richard'ui Healey (University of Arizona) už knygą "Gauging What's Real: The Conceptual Foundations of Gauge Theories" (Oxford University Press, 2007). Apdovanojimo paskaitą Richard Healey skaitys šių metų gegužės 14 d. (Old Lecture Theatre, London School of Economics).

Knygos santrauka (iš leidyklos tinklalapio):
"Gauge theories have provided our most successful representations of the fundamental forces of nature. How, though, do such representations work? Interpretations of gauge theory aim to answer this question. Through understanding how a gauge theory's representations work, we are able to say what kind of world our gauge theories reveal to us.

A gauge theory's representations are mathematical structures. These may be transformed among themselves while certain features remain the same. Do the representations related by such a gauge transformation merely offer alternative ways of representing the very same situation? If so, then gauge symmetry is a purely formal property since it reflects no corresponding symmetry in nature.

Gauging What's Real describes the representations provided by gauge theories in both classical and quantum physics. Richard Healey defends the thesis that gauge transformations are purely formal symmetries of almost all the classes of representations provided by each of our theories of fundamental forces. He argues that evidence for classical gauge theories of forces (other than gravity) gives us reason to believe that loops rather than points are the locations of fundamental properties. In addition to exploring the prospects of extending this conclusion to the quantum gauge theories of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics, Healey assesses the difficulties faced by attempts to base such ontological conclusions on the success of these theories."

Lakatoso apdovanojimas (Lakatos Award in Philosophy of Science) - tai 10 000 svarų apdovanojimas už svarų indėlį į mokslo filosofiją (vertinamos knygos anglų kalba per paskutinius 5 metus ir pati mokslo filosofija traktuojama plačiai). Tai apdovanojimas Imre Lakatos (1922-1974) atminimui, buvusiam Londono ekonomikos mokyklos Filosofijos, logikos ir mokslinio metodo departamento profesoriui.

Richard Healey yra straipsnio "Holism and Nonseparability in Physics" autorius Stanfordo filosofijos enciklopedijoje.

Nežinau, kaip fizikai lietuviškai vadina tokius dalykus kaip "gauge theories".

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Lakatoso apdovanojimas 2005

Londono ekonomikos mokykla pranešė, kad 2005 m. Lakatoso apdovanojimas mokslo filosofijoje (Lakatos Award in Philosophy of Science 2005) suteikiamas Jim'ui Woodward'ui už knygą "Making Things Happen: A Theory of Causal Explanation" (Oxford University Press, 2003), kurioje plėtojama intervencionistinė (manipuliacinė) priežastingumo ir aiškinimo samprata. Apdovanojimo paskaitą Jim Woodward skaitys gegužės 4 d. (Old Theatre, London School of Economics).

Lakatoso 10 000 svarų apdovanojimas skiriamas už svarų indėlį į mokslo filosofiją (vertinamos knygos anglų kalba per paskutinius 5 metus). 2006 m. nominacijos Lakatoso apdovanojimui teikiamos iki šių metų balandžio 24 d.

Jim Woodward dirba Kalifornijos technologijos institute.

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